Would you like to showcase your experiments / programmes of technology dissemination / deployment?

Separate time slots (10 minutes) would be provided in the conference proceedings to present your experiment / programme / project containing innovations for technology dissemination / deployment. The shortlisted cases would be included in the Knowledge Report release on the day of the conference. Write to us at agritechforgac@nsfindia.org specifying your query.

Would like to participate as delegate?

Various cases in agriculture are slotted to be presented in the conference You may want to a) know about them, b) explore their relevance and applications in your context or partner with the entrepreneur / agency to make a difference in your operational area, c) understand the challenges / bottlenecks in their use / adoption, d) want to fund their scaling up, Download the delegate registration form and submit to gacdelegate@nsfindia.org .
For any other queries, please write to gacdelegate@nsfindia.org.