What did they say

  • Smt.Krishna Raj
    Hon'ble Minister of state

    Adoption of technologies and ideas are being accepted in Indian market, which is enhancing India’s growth and encouraging the youth.

  • Abhay Gandhe
    Agri Development
    Professional, Tata Trust

    It is proved that through continuous sustained efforts in Uttarakhand, a water stress district can be converted into a water sufficient district within a span of 5 years.

  • Dr Ashok M R Dalwai

    Climate change is certain. Technologies are there in our ecosytem for some time. We should now address the challenges on the basis of scientific, behavioural and psychological parametres for better adoption.

  • Dr Harsh Bhanwala
    Chairman, NABARD

    India has a bundle of opportunities, if we work on Weather smart, Water Smart, Energy Smart and knowledge smart ideas/technologies.

  • Dr Patrick Cortbaoui
    Academic Associate & Program Director McGill University Institute of Global Food Security, Montreal, Canada

    Technologies should not only be climate smart but also be people smart. Technologies are developing, but the concern is whether they have relevance to the end users.

  • Dr (Ms) Srivalli Krishnan

    Adaptation and adoption are two important concepts. There is a nature to adapt technolgies but adoption of those technologies are not well versed. The reason behind lack of adoption is that the technologies are not consumers / farmer centric.

  • Sanjeev Asthana
    Founder, NSFI

    Climate change has built up two dynamic components which are big issues right now. One is in terms of the food security and nutrition for the current population, and the other, how do we address the food secutity of the growing population of the world.

  • Sai Krishna Nanduri

    Effects of Climate Change are no longer perception. Situation isnt about ’if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’. If the situation isn’t broke yet, let us use the time to fix it and make it better.